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Die Altersvorsorge für den öffentlichen Dienst.


General Information about Cookies

The VBL uses cookies in order to identify the settings and preferences of our users for then being able to adjust and improve the design of our website for our users. Cookies are small text files which are stored locally in the cache of your internet browser. As the HTTP Protocol (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) is a stateless protocol, each single access is independent of another. Cookies enable websites to identify returning users to the website.

There are different kinds of cookies. For example, Session Cookies are used in order to identify persons using internet services or internet shops repeatedly while they do not have to log in with their pass words every time they come back to the website. Session cookies are also necessary in order enable a shopping cart system for websites. They are only active as long as the website is used and will be deleted after the browser is closed.

Information about the cookies used on this website

The VBL websites use two kinds of cookies:
  1. EPrivacydirective-Cookie (eu_cookie_directive)
When using the website www.vbl.de for the first time, an info box about the use of cookies according to the E-Privacy Directive of the EU opens. In order to see if a user already acknowledged the info box in an earlier visit of the website, the EU-Cookie is set.

If the user deletes the cookies in his browser, the E-Privacy Directive Cookie will also be deleted. In other cases the cookie will be deleted at latest after one year.
  1. Session-Cookie (session)
The website www.vbl.de sets a Session Cookie in every session in order to make navigating and reading content easier.

If the user deletes the cookies in his browser, the Session Cookie will also be deleted. In all other cases it will be deleted at latest after 60 minutes.

The deletion of cookies depends on the settings of the user’s webbrowser.

For further information concering your personal data see the Privacy Policy.

We care about your security and privacy when you are using the internet. Our website does not use cookies to store personal data nor exchange it with third parties. However, this website does use cookies in order to improve functionality and performance. If you continue reading and using our website, you agree on the use of cookies. For further information see our Cookie Policy.    German version