VBL. Die sichere Versorgung aus einer Hand
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Die Altersvorsorge für den öffentlichen Dienst.


VBLextra - enjoy life. Today and tomorrow.

VBLextra enables you to collect more pension points towards your retirement by taking out voluntary insurance. It enhances the coverage provided by VBLklassik, so you can safeguard your standard of living even better with VBL. VBLextra is based on the VBLklassik points model, so your points will grow from year to year.

The contributions you pay will earn 0,25% interest. The actual interest rate is likely to be higher, so the expected occupational pension should also increase.

VBLextra can cover all your pension needs. Besides providing a secure, affordable additional retirement pension, VBLextra also offers an occupational pension in case of full or partial incapacity, plus a surviving dependants‘ pension.

Important: With VBLextra, insured employees may be eligible for state benefits such as the so-called “Riester” benefits or salary foregone (Entgeltumwandlung).


VBL Erklärfilm

Scientific employees

Insurances for scientific employees

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