VBL. Die sichere Versorgung aus einer Hand
| German | Schriftgröße:
Die Altersvorsorge für den öffentlichen Dienst.

Your benefits

Some of the benefits of VBLextra:
  • Lifelong retirement pension
  • Optional incapacity pension and surviving dependants’ pension
  • Flexible contributions (monthly payments or lump-sum payments; amount of contributions can be changed at no extra cost)
  • Bonus points awarded if a profit distribution is granted
  • No qualifying period (vested entitlements after the very first premium)
  • Up to 30 % lump sum capital payment on retirement
  • Tax (and social security fee) benefits in case of salary foregone as well as “Riester” benefits available
  • Switch between “Riester” benefits and salary foregone at no extra cost
  • Continue paying contributions after changing jobs at no extra cost
  • No sales commission. Low administration charges.


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