Life planning is one thing, reality is often quite different. One or more changes of job may change everything from one day to the next.

A swift move. A new city. A new apartment. Perhaps also connected with joining or leaving public sector employment.

What do I do with my old-age pension provision then?

And what happens if my life is turned upside down by sickness or death?
Should I have everything arranged in advance for these eventualities? With VBLextra you can rethink and change many key decisions over the course of your life.

Changes due to change of job.

Are you leaving public sector employment? If so, you can either continue to pay your voluntary supplementary insurance yourself or make VBLextra non-contributory. That means that you no longer pay any contributions. Nevertheless, your occupational pension can continue to grow through possible bonus points. When your pension begins, you then receive an occupational pension corresponding to the amount of your accumulated pension points.

Protected against risks.

Sickness? Exhaustion? Death? If the tariff you have chosen includes protection against reduced earning capacity and for survivors, your children (provided they have not reached their 25th birthday) and partner will receive occupational pension provision. A key advantage is that you can still change your decision during the term of the plan.