The extra boost for your old-age provision plan.

With VBLklassik you already have a good foundation for your later years. But the pension gap is going to increase and we must all anticipate further reductions of the statutory pension. A voluntary supplementary pension will therefore become increasingly important, even for public sector employees.

VBLextra is an excellent choice for this. Just like VBLklassik, it operates according to a points model, offering maximum security as an old-age pension provision should. And you don’t pay your contributions unaided – the state supports you through the salary sacrifice option or "Riester" benefits. And if something in your life or job should change you still have no need to worry, because “Your Extra” can be flexibly adjusted.

A secure old-age thanks to an extra old-age pension.

The advantages.

  • Attractive and secure old-age pension (lifelong)
  • 0.25% guaranteed interest
  • No waiting / qualifying periods (vested pension from the first contribution paid)
  • Low administration costs
  • Includes waiver of commission for concluding contracts
  • State benefits
  • Option to obtain protection for reduced earning capacity (without a health check) or lifelong cover for survivors
  • No disbursements of profits to shareholders and stockholders
  • Possible profit sharing (bonus points)
  • Possibility of continuing with own contributions after changing jobs at no charge