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VBLklassik compulsory insurance scheme 0721 93 98 93 1*
VBLextra voluntary pension insurance scheme 0721 93 98 93 5*


General questions 0721 93 98 93 9*

Call-back service     
You choose the time when we call you back.    Go to call-back service


General questions, registration process  0721 93 98 93 8*
Events, the “VBLgütesiegel” quality seal 0721 155 808
Investments     0721 155 309



*Telephone service hours: 


  • Monday, Thursday 8.00am to 6.00pm
  • Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 8.00am to 4.30pm

On-site consultations:
We are personally available for on-site consultation meetings at selected central and nationwide offices of BBBank or at VBL in Karlsruhe.

Please note that consultations are provided by appointment only.

You can make an appointment at a time of your choice on the following page:
Link: Make appointment at your preferred time now

Note: The data that you transmit to VBL to enable us to contact you will be used by VBL exclusively for that purpose.